Make Your Eyes Smile

Let your eye speak again with our state of art eye care treatments


Prevention is better than cure.

End your frustrations with those nasty-looking dark eye circles by undergoing Skinssence special eye care regime.

Are you fatigued of looking in the mirror to see those scary under-eye dark circles? Dark circles can certainly decrease the radiance of your face and can make you look gloomy and weary. If your eye circles are very chronic, contact us to know about treatment.


We offer a range of eye treatments and will discuss the most suitable one for your needs at your initial consultation

What is the treatment?



  • Non-Surgical Dark Circle Removal
  • Peels for Dark Circle Reduction – help in exfoliating the pigmented skin around the eyes
  • Laser Treatment for Dark Circle Reduction
  • Topical agents for dark circle reduction
  • Eye creams which cause lightening and firming


• The technical term for puffiness around the
eyes is “periorbital puffiness,” and is different than the sagging skin and
build up of the padding of fat that naturally occurs in the aging process.

• It is due to the buildup of fluids in the
cells in this area.

• The causes of this puffiness are many, and
include: illness such as mononucleosis, sleep deprivation, drinking alcohol,
tobacco, and marijuana use.

• Other causes are eating too much salt which
leads to water retention, crying (tears are salt water and add to the water
retention), and allergies.

• If the puffiness around your eyes is sudden
and extreme, seek medical attention.

How to avoid Dark Circles?

Sufficient sleep

Reduce screen time

Devour diet

Drink plenty of water

Apply sunscreen and wear shades

Eye exercises

Avoid allergen

If you smoke, quit it



Under eye dark circle-puffiness FAQs

We assess if you have hyperpigmentation and if your skin is suitable for our treatment. We go through the treatment details with you and if you wish to proceed we do a patch test, consent form, provide your prep cream and take payment. We book you in for the treatment 3-4 weeks after your consultation to give you enough time to use the prep cream.

On average, it takes 1-3 treatments to start to see visible results. Results are dependent on 3 factors: 1. How well you adhere to the post-treatment creams plan, 2. How resistant the pigmentation is, and 3. the type/cause of dark circles. Results are not guaranteed and approx. 5% of clients may not see any results at all.

Most of the visible dark circle area (peri-orbital) can be treated: the under-eye and eye-lids. However, the edges of the eyelids and under-eye skin closest to the eyeballs are unlikely to be addressed. Pigmentation around the temples and upper cheekbones will not be addressed. That requires a separate treatment (chemical peel) for which information can be found at The Hyperpigmentation section of Clinic website

Many clients are happy after just one treatment as it means they can wear less make-up and be more confident as a result. Others require 3 treatments to see a bigger difference. We cannot predict how many treatments each individual may need, as this depends on how well the skin responds to treatment and levels of compliance with post-treatment protocols.

Not be exposed to sunlight without a thick layer of sunblock to protect the skin as much as possible.

No other chemical peel/laser/other chemical treatments within 3 MONTHS.

Not be exposed to excessive heat within 8 weeks i.e. in a steam room, sauna or jacuzzi.

Once achieved, results are likely to be permanent but must be maintained through daily use of sunblock and moisturizer afterwards. However, if you do not protect against UV light exposure or incur future skin trauma or inflammation (Eczema etc), then new pigmentation can develop.