Wedding Packages Simply Ooze Bridal Elegance and Beauty

Brides to be: it's your big day, and we want to help you look your best!

Pre Bridal Skincare Treatments

The aim of the groom/bridal skincare package:

On the biggest day of your life, naturally, your skin must look fairer, brighter, supple, soft, and healthier, and that is what is expected from the Aesthetic physician, cosmetologist, or dermatologist. Our groom/bridal beauty packages are generally short term packages, maybe for a few weeks or 2-3 months depending on how much time the bride/groom can give in to the treatment before your wedding.

Every Couple Deserves a Wedding Package Customized for You! We offer customized packages to suit every occasion and budget.

Pamper your skin with Skinssence and look your best on your big day


PreBridal skincare packages

  • Beautiful Bride
  • Handsome Groom
  • Gorgeous Mother

Beautiful Bride

Brides to be: it’s your big day, and we want to help you look your best!

Walk down the aisle with an enviable glow, thanks to brightening facials, laser treatments, and Microdermabrasion. Whether your special day is 6 months away or next week, Skinssence’s Bridal Treatments plans are tailor-made to suit not only your skin but also your timeline and budget.

 And since weddings mean several days of heavy make-up, non-stop food, alcohol, and late nights, it’s best to start a skin regimen as soon as possible.

Skin treatments for brides and their families should be planned at least 6 months before the wedding. One can choose between 6, 4, or 2 months package based on their skin concerns, time, and expectations.

Note – Our signature facials can be done at any time to get the perfect glow.


Make a list of all your skin problems and expectations before you visit us. Remember skin treatments are a collaborative process between Skinssence & you.

At Skinssence Clinic Kota, we start with a personalized consult and a Skin Analysis. A home care plan is discussed and formulated and appointments are scheduled every 4–6 weeks to monitor results. Consultations include acne, dermatitis, pigmentation, dark circles, tanned skin, and any other medical skin conditions. The following are the problems that can be tackled with different treatments

  • Smooth as Silk – Painless Laser Hair Removal
  • For long-lasting Glow – Medical Grade Facials
  • Acne scar, rejuvenation, age spots/sun spots – Derma roller, Mesotherapy
  • Removal of any skin growth from the body – RF Growth Removal
  •  Dandruff, dry lusterless hair and hair fall – Hair Loss treatment


There is still time at this point to take care of the finer aspects.

  • Permanent hair removal is possible with 2-3 sittings and can be continued after the wedding
  • Goodbye pigmentation – Advance skin brightening treatment
  • Treatment for cracked heels and feet
  • Open pores can be treated by a pore cleansing facial


Radiance treatments can start and the following skin issues can be tackled

Skin rejuvenation, fine lines, opulence – OxygenFacial – a pure oxygen infusion into the skin with serums containing vitamins
Uneven Tone & Texture – Skin Polishing, Mesotherapy, Gel peels


Skinssence Signature facial

Instant Glow Facial

What to carry on your honeymoon – A customized honeymoon product kit to continue the flawless look

Why Skinssence Clinic for Bridal Services?

A customized plan is made as each bride is different and each has different concerns. Skinssence Clinic is the one-stop destination for all bridal skin. We understand the need to look good on the wedding day. We have treated countless brides and they have looked there best on the most important day of there life.

Handsome Groom

Groom deserves more skincare than the bride because men spend nearly 80 percent of the day outside the house in dust, pollution, and dirt. Hectic schedule and lack of time, sometimes, does not allow men to take care of their skin. Nowadays grooms are taking interest in making their skin clean and clear, so that it will glow and radiate, especially, on the day of the wedding. Groom Skin Care can also be accomplished by Medifacial, making skin better and glowing.

Bridal package for Groom includes -

  • Consultation with doctor
  • Medical treatment for hair and skin accordingly
  • Cleanup and Medifacial
  • Permanent hair removal by lasers
  • Homecare regime

NOTE: As per need we customize the package.

Gold Package: 15 days

Skin Lightening peel + Skin polishing+ Skin whitening & glow treatment

Diamond Package: 30 days

Treatment peel as per skin condition+

Skin polishing + skin whitening & glow treatment.

Platinum package 60 days

Treatment peel as per skin condition+

Skin polishing + skin whitening & glow treatment.

Facial hair removal laser

Instant glow pack 2 days

Skin whitening & glow treatment.